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The dragons of Vietnam.

  Growing each year from the past of war, colonization and rebellion, Vietnam has not only shared and lost its people in the brutal war, but also stories; stories from the hidden Himalayas, the sacred and equally secretive temples, labyrinths and the muddy roads to town. The town which has...

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10 things to do in Bali

One of the most famous Indonesian hotspot, Bali is the very apex of tropical culture and scenery. This sunny island is located just towards the south of the equator, and is an amazing tourist destination for its striking volcanic beauty. The lure of this place lies in its mix of the...

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Five Unusual Destinations in India that are Worth It

India is known to be quite the cauldron of ethnic diversity. Unfortunately, this is a fact that is taken largely for granted, even by the zealots of adventure and travel among us. If you’re tired of hearing about the same old trite places and want to make a trip that...