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A Morning in Jaipur

I still do remember the time when I saw the pink city for the first time with it’s wonderful buildings and it’s historic palaces and I was gaga over them for quite some time. Believe me, they still do come in my dreams even now. Every time I think of...


Pattaya Blitz

A shower after the “Pattaya Blitz” There are times in your life when moments happen so fast with so much content in them that you actually start living in the spectacular now. Those actions of yours, reactions of others, craziness of the situation, mesmerizing beauty that you witness are all...

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Bangkok – just can’t get enough

Colorful, vibrant, exotic, strange, loving, caring, daring, sexual, accommodating, the list goes on. For the hottest tourist attraction in Asia we can only articulate the various dimensions it shows to its visitors. Its offerings are diverse and ranges from temples, museums, beaches, jungles, bars, shopping mall to food complexes, restaurants...