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How to Be A Tour Guide

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2 Responses

  1. Alireza says:

    Great write-up and indeed inspiring !
    one question, puzzles me, how do you find travellers who like to be in your tour ?! I assume, a lot of old guys,ladies taking such turistic tours, where they prefer to be served and observe historical places; this segment of people are also very conservative, and I wonder how they can trust a single enterprenour who has his own company ?! basically, how do you find your market ?

    Thanks, again

    • Hi Alireza,

      I think the answer to your question actually lies in what areas of expertise you wish to develop as a tour guide yourself. For instance as you correctly mentioned, an older clientele might appreciate a guided tour more, whereas a younger audience (aged 20-35) might prefer a pub crawl.

      Trust is something that is developed over time and cannot happen overnight. Our advice would be to continue pursuing your career as a tour guide and enhancing your skill set a little bit every day. This would be the first step in developing your credentials. Hope this helps.

      You can write to me at arjun@guidetrip.com. Looking forward to having you sign up on http://www.guidetrip.com

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