Author: Mehuli Mazumdar



  India is a diverse country, with diverse people, diverse religions, diverse languages, and most importantly diverse lands! Mountains in the north, desert in the west, plateau in the south and water around the three sides. Name it, and you would find that type of climate in this magnificent country....

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10 things to do in Jaipur

Have you been trying to take out time for you and your family but haven’t been much successful? Don’t find any place much intriguing to spend your time and money on? Looks like you haven’t done some good homework! The first thing that comes in people’s mind when they hear...

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Famous Sites in Jaipur

We have grown up reading about the supreme glory of in-numerous Indian emperors, be it the Mughals, the Cholis, the Marathas etc. but one clan of kings have always fascinated us to levels unimaginable. Yes, you got it right, the Rajputs of Rajasthan. Their lifestyle, culture, art, forts and palaces,...